Pug 308 mini review

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Pug 308 mini review

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Had one as a hire car today, 19 plate, 152 miles on the clock when they dropped it off.

The star is definitely the engine. Only a 1.2 turbo, but it revs with gay abandon to the red line and has a reasonable amount of poke (for what it is).

Glass roof made the cabin nice and airy, hot and cold running air con, kept the temperature. That's about the good bits.

The non-haptic, slow touch-screen interface for the radio/nav/HVAC/phone/settings is awful and not bright enough.

Counter rotating rev counter stupid.

Steering wheel is too small and the rim too fat. I didn't have issue, as reported by evo, with the wheel obscuring the dials, but then I like it low.

The trim surround on the glass roof wasn't put on very well with a join in an obvious place.

And finally, when I had to do a hard stop on the motorway, braking from 50ish (M25, sigh) to nearly a full stop both rear seat backs fell forwards. Glad I was alone in the car! Not sure if they weren't properly locked in place or something is broken, but will tell the hire car people tomorrow.
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